The Washington, DC Alumni Chapter of NSU is the oldest alumni chapter outside of the Norfolk area and has an outstanding record of financial support of the University. This system of support can only remain in tact with the continued growth in membership of alumni in our chapter. In recent years our membership has become stagnant or slightly decreased. Membership in the chapter is renewed on an annual basis and runs from July 01 through June 30 and any dues collected after March 15 is paid for the following year unless specifically stated otherwise. We need the help of all current chapter members in the recruitment of other alumni and friends of NSU into our chapter to increase the chapters support of NSU and its mission. Chapter’s dues are $50.00 a year, with $25.00 going to the NSUAA Inc. for National dues, $25.00 staying with the chapter for operating expenses. Out of the chapter comes the cost of producing newsletters, donation to project harvest, and expenses for putting on fundraisers. We need your HELP.