Chapter Objectives

To bring about a union of graduates, former students and friends of Norfolk State University who are now located or situated in the Washington, District of Columbia, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. Also, to work for the betterment, expansion and promotion of Norfolk State University.

Membership and Dues

Graduates and former students who have completed one semester at NSU and are willing to uphold the subscribed Chapter’s by laws may become members upon payment of dues, as here in after provided.
Friends (persons interested in the development and growth of NSU) who are willing to uphold the subscribed Chapter’s by laws may become members upon payment of dues.
Annual dues are $50.00 for a single membership during the period of July 1 through June 30th of each year.

Officers, chairing committees, introducing motions and voting shall be limited to members of the Chapter whose current dues are paid.


Officers are as follows; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Parliamentarian and Chaplain.

Nomination of Officers

There shall be a nominating committee consisting of three members. The chairman shall be appointed by the current chapter president.
Names shall be submitted to the nomination committee within 90 days of the voting day
The nominating committee will verify that all candidates are current dues paid members and will perform the functions of the offices if selected.

Election of Officers

The election of officers shall be by secret ballot at the Chapter’s June meeting.
The election of officers shall be determined by a majority vote of the members qualified to vote.
The elected officers shall be installed at the Chapter’s June meeting.

Term of Office

Officers shall hold office for a term of two years.
An officer may serve as many terms for any given office as she/he is elected.
Elected officers may be subject to a recall if at any time during their term they continually fail to perform their official duties.


Any vacancies occurring in an office for whatever the reasons shall be filled by an individual for the unexpired term by a majority vote as a regular or special meeting of the chapter.